Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Carabosse - Lucy Moss
Corvus - Aleida Izquierdo
Iridessa - Natalie Ross
Chester Drawers - Tom Cannon
Hester Drawers - Anna Treadway
Dame Dottie Drawers - Ian Powell
King Clarence - Phil Braithwaite
Queen Constance - Sharon Trotter
Princess Rose - Rosalind Morris
Prince Florizel - Dave Flanagan
Sir Romancealot - James Killeen
Phil Braithwaite, Amy Fontain, Jessica Irwin, Danielle Keene, Caitlin Love, Cathy Love, Kyra Pearce, Julie Rickwood, Ruth Rouse, Hayden Sedgwick, Anthea Wormington, Steve Wright, Ian Greer

Production Team

Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Musical Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Producer - Phil Braithwaite
Stage Manager - Helena Braithwaite
Assistant Stage Managers - Dave Flanagan, James Killeen
Lighting Design & Operation - Kimber Wright
Sound Operation - Stephen Wess
Sound Design - Stephen Wess, Peter Raggett
Costumes - Aleida Izquierdo, Lucy Moss,
                                        Victoria Bettelheim, Shih Ling Huang
Set Design and Construction - Steve Cahill-Hayes,
                                                     Sharon Trotter
Front of House Management Team - Jackie Withnall,
                                                               Jenny Moorby,
                                                                 Rachel Narborough,
                                                            Salley Rear

All is not well in the Kingdom of Leytonstonia!

Evil Fairy, Carabosse, has cast a spell, leaving Princess Rose seemingly dead after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Luckily, Good Fairy, Iridessa, has changed the spell so that Rose is only asleep. But can Dame Dottie Drawers snare a handsome prince for herself and find the princesses's one true love in time to ensure a happy ever after?!

Join the Woodhouse Players for our production of this traditional story, full of fun, laughs, songs and speed-dating!

Please note that there will be flashing lights and strobing in the performance.