Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Arthur Hoyle - Phil Clarke
Reg Welsh - Phil Braithwaite
Frank Rowley - Matthew Pert
Tony Burtoft - Andy Harker
Steve Edwards - Moses Wootten
Phil Hopley - Tom Spencer
Hazel Scott - Laura Jayne Hickerton


Production Team

Director - Neil Bird
Assistant Director - Emily Carmichael
Producer - Danielle Keene
Stage Manager - Rachel Narborough
Assistant Stage Manager - Anastasia Oh
Lighting - Kimber Wright
Sound - Stephen Wess
Publicity Assistant - Jessica Irwin
Front of House Management Team - Victoria Bettelheim,                                                                              Jackie Withnall,                                                                                      Chris Jefferies, Gill Taylor

"Here on the very playing fields of Castleford your eyes will gaze in awe at splendid sights unseen.....for here, upon this very stage, we see amateur Rugby League, a game of rebellion, born of divide in 1895. For the working class of the North, for the working class"

Up 'n' Under follows the story of an inept pub team from the Wheatsheaf Arms who play in 7 a-side league in the Hull area. Ex-pro Arthur's only passions in life are his wife and rugby league. 

When he bumps into his nemesis Reg, he is goaded into betting his life savings that he can train any team to beat the unstoppable gods of amateur rugby league - The Cobblers Arms. However, the 'Wheatsheaf Arms' can usually only muster a side of four. These guys are to Rugby League what Eddie The Eagle is to ski-jumping. Song, laughter, banter and live rugby on stage - come join our intrepid heroes as they struggle through adversity. 

Up 'n' Under is a comedy by John Godber, first staged at the Hull Truck Theatre in 1984. It won The Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy that same year.

Not suitable for younger children. Mild sexual references and bad language.