Why Choose Us? 

Unlike some amateur groups, we're not cliquey and have no pecking order. It's just as easy for a brand new member to take a main part or a responsible production role as for a long-serving member.

We also try to be open to new ideas about how to do productions - especially ones that really fit our budget and numbers!

We have about 40 members at the moment. We welcome new acting members, and this year we especially want to find technical peoplecostume peoplemakeup people and other backstagers. If you know a little bit about lighting, sound, computers in theatre or costume, then we'll be delighted to hear from you. You don't have to be an actor to do AmDram (and sometimes it doesn't even help!)

New To AmDram 

If you haven't done amateur drama before, here's some things to consider. Amdram is enormous fun, done on a shoestring, very social. Nobody gets paid, everyone works hard!

But it's a team effort, so to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, some individual commitments are involved:

  • You'll need to turn up to rehearsals/meetings as scheduled, on time

  • You'll need to let your director know in good time about holidays and other time you can't be at rehearsals

  • Actors need to be prepared to put in a bit of work on the backstage side

  • You'll need to be prepared to be a little bit challenged, be open minded about trying new things, and work co-operatively with your director

  • Actors need to learn lines!

  • Shows can be a bit stressful! You'll need to be able to keep smiling under the stress of live performance, and do your best to keep a calm and professional attitude with everyone.

When everyone's showing good commitment it really raises the experience and makes us feel like we know why we do this!

Get Involved 
You may come to us with particular skills and experiences, or you may be completely new to amateur drama. Below are some of the ways you could get involved, but if you can imagine helping in a different way - or aren't sure exactly what you'd want to do, then just contact us. The chances are we need help from someone just like you - even if your skills aren't in traditional theatre things.

Some roles are demanding; others require just a small commitment of time and effort; it all helps! If you want to know more about us before taking the plunge, read the About Us page, or if you want to see some of our previous work, see the video and audio clips on our Extra’s page.

Some roles you can choose from:

  • Lighting & Sound
    We're actively recruiting for people to design and operate lighting and sound

  • Creative Roles
    acting, choreography, costume, directing, make up, music, set, writing...

  • Practical Roles
    Front of house, handywork, producing, stage management, technical, transport...

  • Spare Time/Flexible Roles
    Things you can do even if you can't fit in with our rehearsal schedule, like box office, digital work, graphic design, DTP, props, marketing, website...

Click on the links below to take a look at the range of roles that are on offer

Creative Roles
Flexible/Spare Time Roles
Practical Roles