Design by Declan McGuire

The Long Christmas Dinner

Mother Bayard - Jackie Withnall
Roderick - Stuart Clark
Lucia - Anastasia Oh
Cousin Brandon - Oliver Clement
Charles - Dave Flanagan
Genevieve - Jessica Irwin
Leonora - Tanya Kempe-Tummon
Sam - Shay Leacy
Lucia 2 - Zoe Webb
Roderick 2 - Ben Wille
Cousin Ermengarde - Jenny Moorby
Nurse - Julie Rickwood

Director - Gill Taylor

God Of Carnage

Alan - Cameron Dunham
Annette - Cathy Love
Michael - William Barklam
Veronica - Michelle Hanks

Director - Chris Jefferies
Assistant Director - Rachel Narborough

Production Team

Producer - Phil Braithwaite
Stage Manager - Danielle Keene
Lighting Design - Robert Bettelheim
Lighting Operation - Kimber Wright
Sound - Stephen Wess
Set Design - Shih Ling Huang
Set Construction - Michael Brooks
Front of House Managers - Victoria Bettelheim,
                                                Helen Jefferies

The Long Christmas Dinner

"There's a story that my Grandmother Bayard crossed the Mississippi on a raft before there were any bridges or ferryboats. She died before Genevieve and I were born. Time certainly goes very fast in a great new country like this."

Ninety years in the life of the Bayard family told through their annual Christmas gatherings. A meditation on life, death, time, continuity, and change by Thornton Wilder (1897-1975), author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning plays Our Town and The Skin Of Our Teeth, and novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey.

God Of Carnage

"Morality decrees we should control our impulses, but sometimes it's good not to control them... You're far more authentic when you're showing yourself in a horrible light."

Two couples meet up to build bridges after their sons get in a playground scrap, but simmering tensions and unresolved conflicts reveal that the parents can be far more juvenile than their children. God of Carnage was written in 2006 by French-Iranian playwright Yasmina Reza and translated into English by Christopher Hampton in 2008. A smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic, it has won both the Olivier Award for Best Comedy and the Tony Award for Best Play.

Please note that this production is not suitable for under-14s.