Annual General Meetings


The 2019 Woodhouse Players AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7 May at the Welsh Church Hall. Details (including those people standing for committee) will appear in the Calendar.



Annual General Meetings are where the group makes its big decisions and decides who's going to run things. Our Annual General Meeting is usually in May each year. Everyone in the membership is encouraged to attend and make their voice heard.

Here's the standard agenda for an AGM:

  1. Welcome and Introduction

  2. Chairman’s Report – productions, successes, thanks

  3. Treasurer’s Report - how the money's going

  4. Secretary’s Report - how things are with the membership

  5. Membership Secretary’s Report

  6. Amendments to Constitution (if any proposed)

  7. Election of Chairman for year

  8. Election of Treasurer for year

  9. Election of Secretary for year

  10. Election of ordinary members of committee

  11. Discussion and Review by all members of

    • what the group would like to achieve long term

    • what particular things they would like to achieve in the coming year

  12. Any other business

Thrilling stuff, I'm sure you'll agree! However, while it may look a bit dry it is an important chance for everyone to bring ideas to the table and do a bit of bluesky thinking for the group - and we are now focusing on making sure that specific, practical actions emerge out of the meeting.


The Woodhouse Players has a committee of up to ten people. See the committee page for details of what the committee does. Any paid-up member can stand for the committee at the AGM.

Here's a quick guide to how we elect the committee, and how to stand...

Can I vote by e-mail if I can't make it to the meeting?

You can. The way to do it is to give a written instruction on how to vote to any member of Woodhouse who will be at the meeting (this includes the Chairman). They will cast your vote on your behalf. The names of all the candidates are normally available on this page by the week of the meeting so you know who you're choosing between.

How do I stand for Committee?

First, you have to let the secretary know that you want to stand, stating which position you want to stand for. We need to receive your nomination by the stated closing date (to enable people to vote by email in time). You will also need to be seconded by an existing member.

Which positions can I stand for?

At the moment, you can stand for four types of position (and there is nothing to stop you standing for more than one of them if you want):

  • Chair: In overall charge of the group. To stand for chair you'll need to have some ideas about how to run the group.

  • Treasurer: Manages the group's finances, keeps financial records and collects membership fees.

  • Secretary: Manages the administration of the group, keeps records of meetings and membership.

  • Ordinary Members (seven people including Membership Secretary): On the committee to undertake other tasks that are useful to the group that year, and help in a flexible way. Ordinary members might take charge of things like publicity, membership, workshops and new writing.

What do I need to do at the AGM?

If you are the only person standing for the particular post you have selected, then you will be automatically elected.

If there is another person standing for the post, you will be asked to talk very briefly about why you would like the position and what your plans would be if elected. A vote will follow (see below for the full procedure).

If you are standing for 'ordinary member', you will definitely be asked to say a few words about what work you would like to achieve if elected to the committee and how you would do it. Attendees at the meeting can vote for the people who have the best ideas about what they would do with their time on the committee.

There is no swimsuit round.

How does the process work at the AGM?

The elections come in the following order:

  • Chair. If there is more than one candidate, the candidates will speak briefly in support of their candidacy. Members can vote for one candidate only, votes are counted by the Secretary and checked by the Treasurer.

  • Treasurer (as above, but votes counted by Secretary and checked by Chair)

  • Secretary (as above, but votes counted by Chair and checked by Treasurer)

  • Ordinary Members. Members vote for up to seven candidates, putting them in order of preference. In the event of a tie-break we use the preferences to decide between candidates. Votes counted by Secretary and checked by Treasurer.

How soon does the new committee take over?

Not until the end of the AGM. This means that if we elect a new Chair during the meeting, the old Chair carries on until the meeting closes.

Is it considered impolite to stand against someone who is already doing a role?

It's not considered impolite to do this (although it's important to do it in a polite way, with respect for the other candidate). The main consideration in choosing our committee is who can do the best job for the whole group. If you feel you can, and are able to give some reasons why, then there's nothing to stop you standing.