Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Christopher Casson - Tom Spencer
Colin Jenks - Stephen Balchin
Tessa Fortnum - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Will Paxton - Matthew Pert
Sarika Chatterjee - Emily Carmichael

Production Team

Director - Anna Treadway
Assistant Director - Tom Cannon
Producer - Tanya Kempe-Tummon
Stage Manager - Sofia Serrano
Lighting Design - Moses Wootten
Lighting Operation - Moses Wootten, Stephen Wess
Sound Design - Stephen Wess
Sound Operation - Stephen Wess, Tom Cannon
Costumes - Reny Morsch
Set Design and ConstructionSteve Cahill-Hayes
Front of House Management Team - Julie Rickwood,
                                                                  Cathy Love
Publicity Assistant - Jessica Irwin

"I'm not prepared to be the minister who consigned Nelson's column to the North Sea"

Massive flooding has already destroyed Bristol and now threatens to sink the UK, from its coastline to its capital. We see these events chiefly through the eyes of a bright young climatologist, somewhat reluctantly recruited by an increasingly desperate, newly elected Tory Government. Putting his case to Whitehall ministers, our protagonist finds himself the victim of departmental rivalries and cautious advisers; when action is finally taken, will it be too late to avert a national crisis? First performed in 2009 at the Bush Theatre, Resilience is genuinely chilling in its prediction of events that have happened since, and even more so as a prediction of a not unrealistic future.

"Resilience [...] for sheer emotional intensity, has no rival on the London stage"
The Guardian

"the playwright Steve Waters combines the satirical scariness of J G Ballard with the silken argufying of Bernard Shaw or David Hare: it's a total bust as the Antarctic glaciers melt and Skegness is threatened with extinction"
The Independent

Please note: This production contains strong language throughout.