Design by Declan McGuire


Salter - Oliver Clement
Bernard 1, Bernard 2 & Michael Black - Bryn Monroe

Production Team

Director - Helen Jefferies
Producer - Chris Jefferies
Lighting - Moses Wooten
Sound - Stephen Wess
Front Of House Managers - Julie Rickwood, Jackie Withnall

"Don't they say you die if you meet yourself?"

What if you had a second chance to bring up your child? To do it all again, avoiding your mistakes from the first time around?

Salter has no regrets about taking drastic measures to redeem himself after neglecting his young son. But years later he has to justify his decisions not only to the son he abandoned, but also to an unknown number of identical doubles.

A dark and unsettling one-act play about love, genetics, doppelgangers, free will and how much we deserve blame (or praise) for anything we do.

Please note that this production is a one act play lasting approximately one hour without an interval.