Design by Michael Anastasiou www.gcellcreative.com


Constance Ledbelly - Anna Treadway
Desdemona/Ramona/ Mercutio/Servant - Victoria Cox
Juliet/Student/Soldier of Cyprus - Sarah Fox
Prof Claude Night/Othello/Tybalt/Juliet's Nurse - Neil Bird
Romeo/Iago/Ghost - Ben Allen
Chorus - Oliver Clement

Production Team

Director - Mansoor Mir
Producer - Cathy Love
Stage Manager - Cathy Love
Assistant Stage Manager - Katharina Alex
Lighting Design - Robert Bettelheim
Lighting Operation - Kevin Byrne
Sound Design - Mansoor Mir
Sound Operation - Johnny Saunders
Dance Choreography - Jessie Greer
Fight Choreography - Michael Anastasiou
Front of House Managers - Helen Thomas, Chris Jefferies,                           Vaughan Prosser

Constance Ledbelly, a drab and dusty academic, deciphers a cryptic manuscript she believes to be the original source for Othello and Romeo and Juliet. She is transported into the plays themselves, visits Juliet and Desdemona, has a hand in saving them from the deaths the Bard had planned for them, and finds out what these women are all about.

In true Shakespearean spirit, Constance plunders the plays and creates something new, all the while engaging in a personal voyage of self-discovery and encountering an abundance of twists, fights, dances, seductions and wild surprises.