Design by Declan McGuire


Sir Anthony Absolute - Oliver Clement
Captain Jack Absolute/Ensign Beverly - Tom Raw
Faulkland - Ben Wille
Bob Acres - Mo Wootten
Sir Lucius O'Trigger - Andy Harker
Fag - Ben Hurren
David - Stuart Clark
Thomas - Bill Patten
Lydia Languish - Gina Sneesby
Mrs Malaprop - Ceri Wilkinson
Julia Melville - Rachel Peter
Lucy - Sarah Jane Kitchen
Servant - Victoria Bettelheim
Girl, Maid - Helena Braithwaite

Production Team

Director - L J Hickerton
Producer - Gill Taylor
Stage Manager - Rachel Narborough
Set Design - Rob Hickerton
Set Consultant - Rachel Narborough
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim, LJ Hickerton
Make-up - Ceri Wilkinson
Sound Operation - Phil Braithwaite
Sound Design - Peter Raggett
Lighting Design & Operation - Declan McGuire
Poster Design - Declan McGuire
Technical Consultant - Robert Bettelheim
Front of House Managers - Jessie Greer, Jackie Withnall


What to do when you're in love with someone who is in love with you only because they think you're actually someone else? Two young couples, a moralistic widow, an Irish suitor, disguise, intrigue, love letters, Sheridan's rapier wit and satire are the perfect ingredients for this ultimate cocktail of a comedy of manners.

Young socialite Lydia Languish is in love with Ensign Beverly, an artistic but penniless busker, and believes the situation to be hopelessly romantic. But Beverly has a secret. A big one. He is in fact the lead singer 'Captain' Jack Absolute from the incredibly successful band The Regiment. Meanwhile, Jack's band mate Faulkland is having romantic problems of his own. He is wildly in love with songstress and hopeless romantic Julia, but cannot stop himself from worrying about her fidelity. Meanwhile, Lydia's conniving PA Lucy is out causing dramas all for her own entertainment, at the expense of poor Mrs Malaprop, who just can't seem to say the right thing...

Set against the amalgamation of the 1780s, 1980s and modern day, this reworking of the classic Restoration comedy will introduce you to a fresh vision of the genre, one that is the very "pineapple of politeness".