Design by Gill Taylor


Robin Hood - Jessie Greer
Maid Marion - Anna Treadway
Nurse Molly Coddle - Bill Patten
Sheriff of Waltham Forest - Phil Braithwaite
The Fairy - Cathy Love
"Dangerous" Dave Knave - Danny Mullings
Friar Tuck - Kevin Byrne
Little John - Ben Wille
Will Scarlett - Anthony Smith
Alana Dale - Ruth Rouse
Pip - Kimber Heath-Renn
Penny - Helena Braithwaite
Block - Gina Sneasby
Tackle - Colin Heinink
Sue Flindall, Vaughan Thomas, Jackie Withnall, Rudy Huemer, Stuart Clark
Guards - Steve Wright, Moses Wooten
Clara Balasuriya, Harvey Saunders, Caitlin Love

Production Team

Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Assistant Director/Artistic Director - Sharon Trotter
Producer - Gill Taylor
Lighting/Pyrotechnics - Robert Bettelheim
Follow-Spot Operation - Sharon Trotter
Sound Provision - Peter Raggett
Sound Operation - John Saunders, Vaughan Prosser
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim
Musical Director - Jax Braithwaite
Stage Manager - Ceri Wilkinson
Assistant Stage Managers - L J Hickerton, Rudy Huemer
Set Construction - Steve Cahill-Hayes, Bobby Thorn
                                       and members of the cast and crew
Dance choreography - Jessie Greer
Fight choreography - Ruth Rouse
Front of House Managers - Simon Wilson, Mansoor Mir

All is not well in Leytonstone! The wicked Sheriff of Waltham Forest has grown rich from taxing the poor townspeople, and now he is about to become even richer. Little orphans Pip and Penny, the heirs to a vast fortune, have been entrusted to his care, and he is hatching a horrible plan to inherit the cash and marry Maid Marion into the bargain.

Boo the scheming Sheriff and his henchmen as they plot their diabolical deeds! Cheer our dashing heroes, Robin Hood and his Merry Men and of Epping Forest, as they try to thwart the evil plans! The Woodhouse Players present a traditional post-Christmas treat for all the family!