Design by Gill Taylor; Photograph by Jeannette Tucker


Honor - Liz Braithwaite
George - William Barklam
Sophie - Rebecca O'Reilly
Claudia - Emily Stephens

Production Team

Director - Sharon Trotter
Producer - Jackie Withnall
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Kimber Heath-Renn
Assistant Stage Managers - Danny Mullings, Ruth Rouse
Lighting Design & Operation - Declan McGuire
Sound Design - Peter Raggett
Sound Operation - Amine Yahia Cherif
Front of House Manager - Colin Heinink

What is loyalty? Isn't it just resistance to change?

First produced in Melbourne in 1995, then at the National Theatre in 2003, reviews described as this play as "an absolute gem". It takes a wrenchingly honest look at a familiar theme - the break up of a thirty-two year marriage.

The comfortable existence of literary critic George, his devoted wife Honor and daughter Sophie is shattered by the arrival of ambitious young journalist Claudia. Not only does Claudia take Honor's husband but she berates the older woman for sacrificing her early talent for writing.

However, the shifting power play between the four characters brings surprising twists as they question the very nature of love. What is more important - passion or shared history and commitment? Is love essentially selfish? Or do the compromises involved prevent individual fulfillment? The bittersweet themes are explored with frankness and humour.

The play contains some strong language and sexual content.