Double Bill Flyer 1.jpg

Cast Photography by Derrick Wess


Isobel - Sarah Flanagan
Thomas - Matthew Pert
Tony - Tom Cannon
Carter - Chamat Arambewela

Director - Helena Braithwaite
Assistant Director - Emily Carmichael
Movement / Fight Director - Aleida Izquierdo

One Day When We Were Young

Leonard - Jay Tee
Violet - Charlotte Payne

Director - Thomas Faulkner
Choreography - Laura Macaulay

Production Team

Producer - Keith Boote
Stage Manager - Lynne Mackie
Lighting Design/Sound - Stephen Wess
Lighting Operation - Emily Carmicheal
Front of House Managers - Cathy Love, Danielle Keene


"They just don't like me, this has nothing to do with business"

A razor-sharp play by the award winning writer of King Charles III, Cock and the BBC hit Doctor Foster.
Bull explores the fine line between office politics and playground bullying, offering ringside seats as three employees fight to keep their jobs. 

One Day When We Were Young

"I am scared, that once this war is over, and I am sent home, that you won't be here. That you might be gone."

Violet and Leonard lie awake in the Hotel Regina.
Leonard is scared. Not about his impending departure. He's not even worried about the falling bombs. He's scared that when it's all over, she won't be waiting for him.
Violet wants Leonard to know how proud she is of him. She took him dancing. She's baked him a cake. She can't imagine a future without him.
But when that future is taken away, how long can you wait?

"One Day When We Were Young" details the lives of Violet and Leonard; lovers standing together on the edge of war, in 1942, 1963 and 2002.