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Cast photography by Derrick Wess

Bed Among The Lentils
Susan - Cathy Love

Her Big Chance
Lesley - Rosalind Morris (31 May/1 June)
Ashleigh Cole (7/8 June)

A Lady of Letters
Miss Ruddock - Elizabeth Braithwaite 

Production Team

Director - Gill Taylor
Stage Manager - Oliver Judge
Lighting - Kimber Wright
Sound - Stephen Wess
Technical Assistance - Alex Burton
Costumes - Victoria Harris
Front of House Managers - Julie Rickwood &
Lynne Mackie

A selection from Alan Bennett’s monologues, originally written for television in 1988, which capture the humour and sadness lurking beneath the surface in quiet, apparently ordinary, lives.   

In Bed Among The Lentils, Susan is a vicar’s wife with doubts about religion, none of the skills expected of clerical wives, and too much fondness for sherry and the communion wine. She finds unexpected fulfilment in a room behind a corner shop in Leeds, and as a result turns her life around, but discovers that redemption is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Lesley is an aspiring actress still waiting for Her Big Chance. Could an encounter at a party with a tattooed man called Spud lead to her big break?

A Lady Of Letters introduces us to Irene Ruddock, an unhappy and lonely middle-aged woman whose main companion is the “trusty Platignum” with which she pens a constant stream of letters to the local papers, her MP, the Queen and “the authorities” in general. When their content turns from officious to vicious she finds herself in trouble - and an unexpected happiness.