Puss In Boots Flyer.jpg

by Damien Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark
(tlc Creative)


Narrator - Anthony Smith
Jack - Charlie Wetherall
Dame Hettie Quette - Stuart Clark
Puss - Danielle Keene
King Herbert - Phil Braithwaite
Queen Mildred - Cathy Love
Princess Alice - Amber Gauci
Lord Roger - Stephen Balchin
Nosmo King - Jane Speare
Nopar King - Sarah Flanagan
Kyra Adebisi-Pearce, Robin Balchin, Vicky Bettelheim, Amanda Day, Sue Flindall, James Gallagher-Speare, Holly Jasper, Oliver Judge, Marina Lacoste, Caitlin Love, Ethan Merrill, Julie Rickwood, Vaughan Thomas, Sharon Trotter, Jackie Withnall, Anthea Wormington

Production Team

Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Assistant Director - Helena Braithwaite
Producer - Phil Braithwaite
Stage Manager - Ruth Rouse
Assistant Stage Manager - Michelle Harris
Sound Design & Operation - Stephen Wess
Lighting Design & Operation - Kimber Wright
Set Building/Painting - Steve Cahill-Hayes
Front of House Management Team - 

Jack, the miller's son has been left with just the family cat in his father's will. Although he has great ambitions, it is unlikely he will amount to much!

Things soon change with the arrival of his Auntie Hettie and the revelation that Puss can talk - and look pretty fetching in a pair of boots! Soon Jack, Auntie and Puss are embroiled in a complex scheme to persuade the King and Queen that Jack (masquerading as the Marquis of Carabas) is suitable husband material for the beautiful Princess Alice.

But first they will have to contend with a jealous noble suitor, a pair of dastardly henchmen and a hideous, shape-shifting Ogre!