Wor In Progress.jpg

Bouncers Cast

Ralph - Ian Martin
Judd - Thom Faulkner
Les - Ian Reed-Golden
Lucky Eric - Tom Cannon

Shakers Cast

Carol - Beth Coldridge
Mel - Paskell Méal
Nicki - Danielle Keene
Adele - Charlotte Payne

Production Team

Director (Bouncers) - Neil Bird
Director (Shakers) - Anna Treadway
Producer - Julie Rickwood
Lighting - Robert Bettelheim
Sound - Stephen Wess
Stage Managers - Lynne Mackie, Stuart Clark
Set Construction - Steve Cahill-Hayes, Sharon Trotter,
& Alex Burton
Make Up - Lucy Moss
Choreography - David Thompson
Front of House Managers - Sarah Flanagan, Ian Powell,
& Jenny Moorby

It's time to let your 80s hair down and get ready for a big night out, with not one, but two Godber classics.

Start the evening in the disco, where Ralph, Judd, Les and Lucky Eric, your friendly local Bouncers, will take you on a journey through the lives of the many and varied customers who enter through their well-managed doors.

After a brief interval, join waitresses, Nicki, Mel, Carol and Adele in oh-so trendy cocktail bar Shakers, and observe their portrayal of the people whose patronage both pays their bills and gives them aggro.

Written in the 1980s, and retaining all the 'charm' of that era, yet still every bit as relevant and relatable today, we present a back-to-back showing of John Godber and Jane Thornton's Bouncers and Shakers. At rip-roaring speed, over two one-act plays, our eight actors employ physical and vocal humour to play multiple roles, giving you a glimpse into the lives of dozens of different characters. Wince at some, cringe at others, but above-all, laugh with our Bouncers and Shakers