SEAGULL new edit.jpg


Irina - Lucy Moss
Konstantin - Ashley Horne
Nina - Ashleigh Cole
Trigorin - Jim Killeen
Sorin - William Barklam
Shamraev - Ian Powell
Polina - Rosanna Preston
Masha - Claire Brine
Dorn - Phil Braithwaite
Medviedenko - Stuart Clark
Yakov - Jane Speare
Cook - Lynne Mackie
Maids - Kyra Absi-Pearce, Caitlin Love

Production Team

Director - Thom Faulkner
Assistant Director - Stuart Clark
Producer - Keith Boote
Stage Manager - Lynne Mackie
Lighting  - Robert Bettelheim, Cathy Love & Peter Raggett
Sound - Stephen Wess
Stage Crew - Charlotte Payne, Kyra Absi-Pierce
                  Caitlin Love, Jane Speare
Front of House Management Team - Jackie Withnall,
                                                      Gill Taylor
Marketing - Lloyd Perry

"Then one day a man turns up, sees her, and mindlessly destroys her - just like this seagull"

Konstantin longs to earn the respect of his mother, but she can't stand to be around him: his youth mirrors her age. She is a successful actress, vain and arrogant, bringing destruction along with her wherever she goes. Nina dreams of the bright lights of the theatre, but when she meets an older writer she sets out on a path that tears everyone apart.

The Seagull is Anton Chekov's most famous play, a story of unrequited love and existential crisis. This translation by Martin Crimp strips down the text to its bare bones, presenting this classic play in its rawest form.