Warcraft Flyer 1-1.jpg


Evie – Beth Coldridge
Kitty – Amy Fontain
Ryan – Nick Hone
Paul – Ian Martin
Chai, Tiphanee – Charlotte Payne
Claire, Pearl – Danielle Keene
Soledad – Emily Carmichael
Nathan – Matthew Pert
Woman in Cinema, Doctor – Elizabeth Braithwaite
Charlotte – Rosalind Morris
Lucas, Man in Cinema – Terry Thomas

Production Team

Director - Cathy Love
Producer - Julie Rickwood
Stage Manager - Ruth Rouse
Lighting Design & Operation - Robert Bettelheim
Sound Design & Operation - Stephen Wess
Front of House Management Team - Anastasia Oh

Evie Malone - gamer girl, college senior, and confirmed virgin - has it all figured out. Not only does she command a top-ranked guild in Warcraft with her online boyfriend; she also makes a little cash on the side writing love letters for people who've screwed up their relationships.

Love is like Warcraft, after all. It's all about strategies, game plans, and not taking stupid risks. Well, that's what she thinks...until she actually falls for a guy. In real life. No amount of gaming expertise will help her out when she finds herself with a non-virtual, totally real boyfriend...