Triple Bill 2018.jpg

And The Babies

Thomas Miller - Oliver Clement
Alice Fitzgerald - Emily Carmichael
Charles Fitzgerald - Matthew Pert
Rose Williams - Ashleigh Cole
Bobby Turner - Zoe Webb

Director - Anastasia Oh
Art Director - Anna-Louise Roele

Line One

John - Richard Penney
Ros - Charlotte Payne
DJ - Hayley Walker
Christine - Beth Coldridge
Imran - Thom Faulkner
Clara - Danielle Keene

Director - Lucy Moss
Assistant Director - Paskell Meal

Glass Hollow

Kate Crosby - Anna Treadway
Jim Rix - Tom Cannon
Frank Wells - Dominic Webb
Neil Rudge - Ian Martin

Director - Neil Bird

Production Team

Producer - Stephen Wess
Stage Manager - Lynne Mackie
Assistant Stage Manager - Stuart Clark
Lighting - Robert Bettelheim
Sound - Stephen Wess
Set Construction - Stephen Cahill-Hayes, Alex Burton
Front Of House Managers - Sharon Trotter,
                                                  Julie Rickwood

And The Babies

It's 1968 and the bomb has fallen!

In the York Cold War Bunker, five members of the Royal Observers Corps man their battle stations. As it becomes obvious they are completely cut off from the outside world, with no idea what world is left beyond the blast doors, how will they cope with their new lives? Can Radio 3 stop them going mad?

With nuclear apocalypse becoming more tangible with every misfired Trump tweet, And the Babies explores a post-apocalyptic past that could very well become our future.

Line One

When you lose what you love because you can't find the words to make it right.

As he plays his favourite songs, a man tells the story of his lost love and how he misses her. She tells her side of it too, and we see the gulf between what we think we're saying and what remains unspoken.

An original play from first-time playwright and director Lucy Moss, making its debut at Woodhouse Players. Themes of love, loss, and loneliness, our inability to communicate, and some cracking tunes. 

Glass Hollow

A decomposed body is discovered in Hollow Ponds. The police very quickly have a suspect through DNA analysis but the evidence is scant and not fully conclusive. They need a confession and quickly. When it comes to getting confessions one detective is a living legend......

Touching on gender politics, blackmail and human trafficking nothing is quite as it appears in Glass Hollow.