Dick Flyer 1.jpg


Dick Whittington - Beth Coldridge
Tiddles the cat - Aleida Izquierdo
Alice Fitzwarren - Helena Braithwaite
Dame Doris Fitzwarren - James Killeen
Idle Jack - Stuart Clark
King Rat - Andrew Tucker
Nip, his henchman - Paskel Meal
Tuck, his other henchman - Ruth Rouse
Fairy Liquid - Sanya Strachan
Captain Yellowbeard - Stephen Balchin
Alderman Fitzwarren - Jane Speare
Kyra Adebisi-Pearce, Elizabeth Braithwaite,
Jean Daley, Danielle Keene,
Caitlin Love, Julie Rickwood, Thom Faulkner

Production Team

Director - Cathy Love
Producer - Phil Braithwaite
Stage Manager - Keith Boote
Assistant Stage Managers - Elka Czarny
Lighting Design & Operation - Robert Bettelheim
Sound Design & Operation - Stephen Wess
Voice Coaches - Anastasia Oh, Asheleigh Cole
Costumes - Cathy Love
Front of House Management Team - Jackie Withnall, 

London Town is in trouble!

King Rat and his verminous henchmen are launching a hostile takeover and the only thing that stands between the people and rule by rodent is a young lad from Gloucester gullible enough to believe that the streets are paved with gold.

Can Dick and his faithful cat - aided by the magic of Good Fairy Liquid - defeat the rotten rats, win the hand of fair Alice Fitzwarren and become Lord Mayor of London? Not if King Rat has any say in the matter!

Pirates! Rats! Buried Treasure! Dodgy Hotels! Fun for all the family from the team that brought you last year's Jack and the Beanstalk.