Frank - Chris Green
Jack - Liam Flanagan
Lily - Ciara Murray
Mary-  Danielle Keene
Arthur - James Calton
Christoph - Tom Cannon
Madeleine - Jane Speare
Leo - Phil Braithwaite
Lucette - Sharon Trotter
Leutnant Bruch - Ian Powell
American Gunman - Tom Cannon
German Gunman - Ian Powell

Production Team

Director - Dave Flanagan
Assistant Director - Sarah Flanagan
Producer - Rosalind Morris
Stage Managers - Rosalind Morris, Lewis Holloway
Lighting - Robert Bettelheim
Sound - Stephen Wess
Costume & Make Up - Lucy Moss
Voice Coach - Tanya Kempe-Tummon
Front of House Managers - Jackie Withnall, Julie Rickwood,
                                                         Sarah Flanagan.

December, 1944.

Nazi Germany stands on the brink of defeat and launches a desperate surprise attack against the Western Allies through the frozen forests of the Ardennes. Frank, a British soldier, is stranded behind the German advance with escape looking slim. As he reflects on his past to find the strength to fight on, a series of unexpected encounters may hold the key to survival. 

Allies in the Ardennes explores themes of love, loss, war and companionship against the backdrop of a day in wartime Europe. 

Please note that this play contains swearing, smoking and may not be suitable for children or under 16s. Also, pyrotechnics are used during this production.