Mutatis Mutandis

Nurse Min - Cathy Love
Douglas - Matthew Pert
Celia - Emily Carmichael

Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite

Black Comedy

Brindsley Miller - James Lawrence
Carol Melkett - Ashleigh Cole
Miss Furnival - Paskell Meal
Colonel Melkett - Oliver Clement
Harold Gorringe - Stuart Clark
Schuppanzigh - Andy Tucker
Clea - Beth Coldridge
Georg Bamberger - Andy Harker

Director - Anastasia Oh

Production Team

Producer - Andy Harker
Stage Managers - Danielle Keene, Keith Boote
Lighting - Robert Bettelheim
Sound - Stephen Wess
Set Construction - Steve Cahill-Hayes
Front of House Manager - Julie Rickwood

Mutatis Mutandis

A young couple struggle to understand why their week old baby boy is a genetic mutant. Can Douglas persuade Celia that they should take their baby home and live as if he and the world were still quite normal?

"Mutatis Mutandis" by David Campton was written in 1960. A Comedy of Menace, this play will make you laugh, but it will unsettle you and force you to question your own values and those of society in general. 

Black Comedy

"What a lookout! Not a candle in the house. A deaf millionaire to show sculpture to- and your monster father to keep happy. Lovely!"

Brindsley Miller has an onerous evening ahead. He's got a new piece of art to sell to a renowned critic, and a prospective father-in-law to impress. He's "borrowed" some rather nice furniture from his neighbour, and is hoping for a perfect evening.

Suddenly, a fuse blows, the apartment is thrown into darkness, and chaos ensues! Meanwhile, a sober neighbour, with a new found taste for gin, a rather disgruntled neighbour, and an unannounced lover all pay Brindsley a rather unwelcome visit. Can Brindsley keep calm and salvage the night? Will the darkness keep all of his secrets hidden? After all, what else could possibly go wrong?

Peter Schaffer's classic farce combines drunken ramblings, stumblings in the dark and hilarious characters to produce mayhem and entertainment for its audience.