Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Frances - Karla McGuire
Meredith - Amy Fontain
Trisha - Gina Sneesby
Georgeanne - Amy Clarke
Mindy - Katrina Bonds
Tripp - Matthew Pert

Production Team

Director - Cathy Love
Producer - Jackie Withnall
Stage Manager - Sofia Serrano
Assistant Stage Managers - Maxine Prince, JC Prince
Lighting Design - Moses Wootten
Sound - Stephen Wess
Front of House Managers - Julie Rickwood, Jackie Withnall

It's Tracy's wedding day, but her five bridesmaids are hiding out in an upstairs bedroom, each with their own reasons for avoiding the proceedings below.

Mindy, the groom's lesbian sister, Georgeanne, looking to escape her own failing marriage, Frances, the sweet but sheltered fundamentalist, Meredith, the bride's rebellious younger sister and finally Trisha, cynical about love and relationships.

As the afternoon wears on, the five identically clad but very different women discover common bonds in this irreverent, touching and laugh out loud funny play by the author of American Beauty and True Blood.