Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Hansel - Danny Mullings
Gretel - Gina Sneesby
The Prince - Tom Cannon
Romeo - Ben Wille
Witch Craft - Anna Treadway
Pan Handle - Ruth Rouse
Broom Handle - Kelly Read
Belladonna - Sue Flindall
Dame Esme Handle - Neil Bird
Fairy Mary - Carrie-Anne Hall
Woodcutter - Richard Penney
Mr Bird - Phil Braitwaite
Mrs Bird - Julie Rickwood
Baby Birds - Julian Hall, Kyra Adebisi-Pearce,
                        Caitlin Love, Hayden Sedgewick
Sweep the Dog - Rachel Douse
The Cat - Helena Braithwaite
Aasiya Shah, Anthea Wormington,
Caitlin Love, Elizabeth Braithwaite,
Helena Braithwaite,Julian Hall,
Katie Clarke, Kyra Adebisi-Pearce,
Lindsay Morrison, Rachel Douse,
Julie Rickwood, Hayden Sedgwick

Production Team

Director - Cathy Love
Assistant Director - Phil Braithwaite
Musical Director - Jax Braithwaite
Producer - Phil Braithwaite
Stage Manager - Rachel Narborough
Assistant Stage Managers - Steve Booth, Sharon Trotter
Lighting design and operation - Kimber Wright
Sound design - Peter Raggett
Sound operation - Jeannette Tucker
Set design/construction - Stephen Cahill-Hayes, Sean Jones
Front of House Managers - Gill Taylor, Jackie Withnall
Costume - Meg Lewis

Trouble is brewing in the woods...

The wicked Witch Craft is sick of sweets, so she’s decided to have Hansel and Gretel, the Woodcutter’s children, for her dinner! The only one who can foil her evil plan is Fairy Mary – if only she could remember where she left her magic wand...

In the meantime, Dame Esme Handle, assisted by her daughters Pan and Broom, are living in the forest dreaming of a better life. Brave Prince George is in the woods too, looking for his stolen treasure, and maybe the girl of his dreams. But look out for the wolves!

Join the Woodhouse Players for their version of the classic Brothers Grimm Fairy tale with lots of fun, songs and laughter.