Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes    
Photography by Robert Bettelheim


Brandon - Matthew Pert
Granillo - Oscar Aleman
Rupert Cadell - Tom Raw
Leila Arden - Gina Sneesby
Kenneth Raglan - Stuart Clark
Sir Johnstone Kentley - Oliver Clement
Mrs Debenham - Jackie Withnall
Sabot - Rosalind Morris

Production Team

Director - Danny Mullings
Assistant Director - Jenny Williamson
Producer - Jackie Withnall
Stage Manager - Sarah Fox
Lighting - Moses Wootten
Sound - Christopher David Knight
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim
Hair and Make-up - Heide Hawthorne
Front of House Managers - Liz Braithwaite
                                                        Rachel Narborough
Set Design - John Saunders & Steve Cahill-Hayes

Two students kill a classmate and proceed to throw an elegant party for their friends, their mentor and their victim's family - serving their guests from the chest in which the body is hidden. Tension builds as the killers strive to get away with the 'perfect murder'.

Alfred Hitchcock made Rope into a classic film in 1948, changing the setting from London, England to New York City, United States - and the story has a lasting impact. The play provides a twist on the classic 'whodunit'; instead presenting a suspenseful thriller which explores deeper issues of morality and justice.