Edward Kynaston - Marty Hojeberg
Thomas Betterton - Simon Wilson
Samuel Pepys - Gregory D. N. Lee
Villiars - Jim Killeen
Hyde - Ian Powell
Maria - Jenny Williamson
Margaret Hughes - Sarah Fox
Nell Gwynn - Laura Jayne Hickerton
Charles II - Moses Wootten
Sir Charles Sedley - Ben Wille
Lady Meresvale - Rachel Peter
Miss Frayne - Lindsay Morrison
Mistress Revels - Emma Feeney
Ruffians/actors/audience members
Michelle Hanks, Jackie Withnall, Labrini Balomenou,
Ruth Rouse

Production Team

Director - Jeannette Tucker
Producer - Gill Taylor
Assistant Director - Vaughan Thomas
Stage Manager - Andy Harker
Sound - Michael Brooks
Lighting - Kimber Heath-Renn
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim
Technical/set assistance - Steve Wright,
                                                                Stephen Cahill-Hayes
Front of House Managers - Gina Sneesby, Rachel Narborough

Edward Kynaston is the Restoration's finest "feminine" actor. However, he finds his career, and his position in society, taken away from him when Charles II decides he only wants "real" women actors on the stage. Compleat Female Stage Beauty is a comic play about finding your feet in a changing world.

Written by the screenwriter of Casanova and The Duchess, but rarely seen onstage in the UK, the play was adapted as the film Stage Beauty with a cast including Rupert Everitt, Hugh Bonneville and Clare Danes. 

This is a rumbustious and bawdy comedy that reflects the spirit of the age it depicts, and contains adult themes and language. Not suitable for children.