Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Max - Jim Killeen
Rudy - Tom Cannon
Wolf - Stuart Clark
Lieutenant - Dan Clegg
Greta - William Barklam
Freddie - Phil Braithwaite
Horst - RJJ Costanzo
Guard on train - Dan Clegg
Officer - Ben Wille
Kapo - Anthony Smith
Corporal - Anthony Smith
Captain - Ben Wille
Prisoners - William Barklam, Phil Braithwaite

Production Team

Director - Anna Treadway
Assistant Director - Lesley Winterflood
Producer - Cathy Love
Stage Manager - Emily Forsyth
Assistant Stage Manager - Emily Carmichael
Sound Operation - Rosalind Morris
Lighting - Kimber Heath-Renn
Follow Spot Operation - Stephen Wright
Lighting Consultant - Robert Bettelheim
Costumes - Cathy Love
Make Up - Laura Jayne Hickerton
Front of House Managers - Jackie Withnall, Sharon Trotter

Beginning in Berlin in 1934, the play follows Max as he and his lover Rudy find their hedonistic lifestyle suddenly and unexpectedly turned upside-down under the Nazi regime. While this play highlights the little-told story of the persecution of gay people by the Nazis, it has the ability to transcend the horrors of the holocaust and celebrate dignity, courage, identity and love under the harshest of conditions. The play is a love story against all odds that aims to provide a powerful and memorable experience.

This play contains challenging, adult themes, scenes of a sexual nature and some violence. Not suitable for under-16s.