Design by Declan McGuire

Hamlet Pt II

Seltazar - Chris Jefferies
Fornia - LJ Hickerton
Old Hamlet's ghost - Phil Braithwaite
A Fool - Bryn Monroe

Director - Helen Thomas

Say Something Happened

June - Rachel Peter
Mam - Jenny Moorby
Dad - Oliver Clement

Director - Colin Heinink

Within Required Parameters

Martin Hitchin - Richard Penney
Nurse - Emily Carmichael
Doctor - Bryn Monroe

Director - Cathy Love

Production Team

Producer - Gill Taylor
Stage Manager - Rachel Narborough
Assistant Stage Managers - Jim Killeen, Kimber Heath-Renn
Lighting Design - Moses Wootten
Lighting Operation - Moses Wootten, Andy Harker
Sound Design - Peter Raggett
Sound Operation - Michael Brooks
Costumes - Kelly Read
Front of House Managers - Elizabeth Braithwaite,
                                           Jeannette Tucker

Hamlet Part II

"But who will fill the throne now all are gone?"

Just days after the events of Shakespeare's Hamlet (spoiler: everybody dies), the Danish ambassador Seltazar returns to Elsinore. It is up to him and Fornia, the castle librarian, to stop Denmark falling into anarchy with the help of the old king's ghost, a passing Fool and many a hey-nonny-no. An extremely silly spoof which plays fast and loose with Shakespearean language and stage traditions.

Featuring poison! Treachery! Swordplay! And a joke about a hedge.

Say Something Happened

"Oh. It's "at risk" is it? That's something else that's come in, "at risk". There never used to be that, did there, "at risk". It's all "at risk" now. Battered babies, battered wives . . . . are you sure you won't have a scone?"

Eager but green June is despatched by the Council to register elderly people in the area. Mam and Dad are elderly and therefore must be in need of registering - but the able-bodied, street-wise couple have no intention of being registered...

A tale of the ageing process, beaurocracy, family, society and regret.

But still very funny.

Within Required Parameters

"A computer has the potential to do anything. All it requires is the right programming... a doctor that can be accessible anytime, from anywhere, for medical advice. Think of the possibilities!"

Admitted to a private room in a state-of-the-art modern hospital, Martin Hitchin's operation is on schedule and all seems well. He is distracted from his slight unease at the advanced technology surrounding him by more pressing problems at home, but a proposed solution to his troubles leads to a disturbing conclusion. Things are about to take a nightmarish turn for the worse in a dark vision of the future that is only too plausible.

A new play written by Woodhouse member Kelly Read.