Design by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Dame Barber - Phil Braithwaite
Bob (Princess Bobastasia) - Emily Forsyth
Ali Barber -  Danny Mullings
Singbad the Sailor - Andy Harker
Humpy the Camel - Kimber Heath-Renn, Anthea Wormington
The Grand Vizier - Vaughan Prosser
Princess Jasmina - Rosalind Morris
Guard 1 - Stuart Clark
Guard 2 - Anthony Smith
The Genie - Sue Flindall
Townsfolk, Guards, Handmaidens, Skeletons
Kelly Read, Jeannette Tucker, Vaughan Thomas,
Anthea Wormington, Cathy Love, Ian Greer,
Jackie Withnall, Clara Balasuriya, Sophie Balasuriya, Alyx Bearman, Sharon Trotter, Kimber Heath-Renn, Lindsay Morrison, Helena Braithwaite, Caitlin Love, Kyra Adebisi-Pearce, Harvey Saunders, Bethlehem Admassie, Rachel Peter

Production Team

Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Assistant Director - Colin Heinink
Producer - Jackie Withnall
Lighting - Robert Bettelheim
Sound Operation - Kevin Byrne
Sound Provision - Peter Raggett
Stage Manager - Victoria Bettelheim
Stage Management Team - Sue Flindall, Sharon Trotter, Jackie Withnall
Choreographer - Rachel Peter
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim
Set construction - Stephen Cahill-Hayes
Singing Consultant - Jax Braithwaite
Front of House Managers - Gill Taylor

There's trouble brewing in old Baghdad!

Unless the Princess Jasmina marries before her 21st Birthday, the evil Vizier will take control of the city! Things look grim... but hang on!

A posse of would-be heroes are here to save the day! The love-sick Ali Barber (who pines for the Princess), his dim witted brother Singbad the sailor and his fearsome mother, Dame Barber, are ready to intervene and foil the villain's fiendish plot.

They are helped along the way by their pal 'Bob' (a lad with a secret), a pantomime camel named Humpy and a lady Genie who's been stuck in a magic ruby for far too long!.