Designed by Connor Cahill-Hayes


Clara Eynsford-Hill - Rachel Peter
Mrs Eynsford-Hill - Jackie Withnall
Interested bystander - Bill Patten
Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Bryn Monroe
Eliza Doolittle - Laura Jayne Hickerton
Colonel Pickering - Richard Penney
Henry Higgins - Matt Pert
Sarcastic Bystander - Kelly Read
The Crowd
Jess Brand, Andrew Harker, Mike Brand,
Mike Withnall, Ceri Wilkinson,
Rudy Heumer, Ben Saxton
Mrs Pearce - Jenny Moorby
Alfred Doolittle - Phil Braithwaite
Mrs Higgins - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Parlourmaid - Helena Braithwaite
Nepommuck - Andrew Harker
Ambassador's Wife - Jess Brand
The Ambassador - Rudy Heumer
Footmen - Ben Saxton, Mike Brand
Guests at the ball
Jenny Moorby, Bryn Monroe, Rachel Peter,
Jackie Withnall, Mike Withnall, Ceri Wilkinson,
Bill Patten, Kelly Read

Production Team

Director - Cathy Love
Producer - Louise Croker
Musical Arrangement - Jax Braithwaite
Live Music - The Umbrella Jewels
Lighting - Kevin Byrne
Sound Operation - Christopher Knight
Technical Assistance - Peter Raggett
Stage Manager - Louise Croker
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim
Front of House Managers - Lesley Winterflood, Gina Sneesby

Professor Henry Higgins takes a bet offered by a fellow linguist, Colonel Pickering, to pass off Eliza Doolittle as a Duchess within six months. There’s just a small problem - Eliza is a common Covent Garden flower seller who can barely string a coherent sentence together. Teaching Eliza to speak properly is one thing, teaching her how to be a lady is quite another. 

Better known through its adaptation as the musical ‘My Fair Lady’, this classic play is a comedy of manners with themes of class and social mobility still relevant in 2013, the 100th anniversary of its first production.