Design by Gill Taylor    Photo by Rachel Peter


Rene - Phil Braithwaite
Edith-  Kelly Read
Yvette - Victoria Cox
Leclerc - Rachel Scothern
Michelle - Amy Clarke
Mimi - Anna Treadway
Colonel Kurt Von Strohm - Mike Withnall
Captain Bertorelli - Moses Wootten
Herr Otto Flick - Ian Powell
Helga - Sarah Jane Kitchen
Lieut. Gruber - Anthony Smith
General Von Schmelling - Chuquai Billy
Crabtree - Bill Patten
1st Airman/voiceover - Jenny Williamson
2nd Airman - Kimber Heath-Renn
Peasants/German soldiers - Jeanette Tucker, Vaughan Thomas
Voiceover - Mike Brand

Production Team

Director - Rachel Peter
Assistant Director - Ben Wille
Producer - Gill Taylor
Stage Managers - Jeanette Tucker, Vaughan Thomas
Lighting/Sound Design - Peter Raggett
Sound Operation - Rosalind Morris, Mike Brand
Set Construction - Steve Cahill-Hayes and the cast
Special musical thanks - Peter Sellars
Front of House Managers - Elizabeth Braithwaite,
                                     Sharon Trotter,
                                     Jackie Withnall

The stage version of 'Allo Allo' by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft is based on the popular TV comedy series from the 1980s.

The play revolves around the adventures of Rene, a French cafe owner in war-torn occupied France. His wife, Edith, is a practical French woman, who not only has to deal with her husband's flirtatious tendencies, but is desperately trying to keep a priceless portrait of 'The Fallen Madonna with the big boobies' from the Nazis. 

On top of this, Rene is hiding two British airmen and is endeavouring, with the help of Leclerc and Michelle (the resistance), to repatriate them. Alongside Rene are his ever obedient French maids Mimi and Yvette, who both believe they are going to run away with Rene once the war is over. 

However things become complicated when communications with London, via a wireless disguised as a cockatoo, lead to the embarrassment of Rene's patrons. 

While Rene struggles with his love life and undercover resistance work, Herr Flick becomes increasingly drawn to his personal assistant Helga. 

Things are not helped by Crabtree, a British agent who speaks very poor French, and the supposed imminent arrival of the Fuhrer himself. With everyone trying to impersonate Hitler, things have to come to a head.