Design by Declan McGuire


Chorus Leader - Sarah-Jane Kitchen
Oedipus - Tom Raw
Priestess - Rosalind Morris
Stateswoman - Coral Bryan
Palace Guard - Mike Brand
Creon - Neil Bird
Teiresias - Gill Taylor
Jocasta - Cathy Love
Messager - Bill Patten
Sheepman - Vaughan Thomas
Antigone - Gina Sneesby
Ismene - Jane Charlton
Haemon - Stuart Clark
Eurydice - Lindsay Morrison
Big Man of Colonus - Rudy Huemer
Sentry 1 - Moses Wooten
Sentry 2 - Vaughan Thomas
Road Kids
Danny Mullings, Jeannette Tucker, Coral Bryan,
Rosalind Morris, Ruth Rouse, Jess Brand
Chorus - Jackie Withnall

Production Team

Director - Andy Harker
Assistant Director - Jenny Williamson
Producer - Vaughan Prosser
Stage Manager - Matthew Pert
Lighting Design - Robert Bettelheim
Lighting Operation - Katharina Alex
Sound Design - Andy Harker, Tom 'Coolery' Warner,
          Peter Raggett
Sound Operation - Peter Raggett
Hair and Make-up - Laura-Jayne Hickerton
Front of House Managers - Lesley Winterflood, Colin Heinink

Thebes. A city rebuilding itself after mass "devastruction". A world without order. A world where men beat their fathers and bed their mothers. Such is the curse of Thebes

Caroline Reader's adaptation of Sophocles texts brings together the three parts of the Theban legend (Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone) in a striking, fast-moving and lively play.

Set in a devastated modern society, the residents of Thebes have returned to a primitive way of life. Language is in a childlike state and the city is overrun by famine and disease. When the Gods offer to lift the plague in return for the capture of the murderer of Thebes former leader, King Oedipus searches for justice. The horrifying truth he finds destroys him and his family and he is exiled with his daughter Antigone. His former General Creon wins the ensuing civil war in Thebes and kidnaps Antigone from her fathers side. Antigone is forced to return to Thebes, but vows her family's honour will never be disgraced again.