Design by Robert Bettleheim


Agnes Nitt - LJ Hickerton
Perdita Nitt - Victoria Bettelheim
Nanny Gytha Ogg - Ceri Wilkinson
Shawn Ogg - Richard Penney
Mayor / Jason Ogg - Kevin Byrne
Duane Ogg - Jeanette Tucker
Granny Esmeralda Weatherwax - Gill Taylor
Count de Magpyr - Phil Braithwaite
Countess de Magpyr - Sharon Trotter
Vlad de Magpyr - Stuart Clark
Lacrimosa de Magpyr - Karla Duffy
Morbidia / Victim - Gina Sneesby
Demone - Kimber Heath-Renn
Krimson - Ruth Rouse
Cryptopher - Anthony Smith
Igor - Vaughan Prosser
Expert/Scraps the Dog/Waynetta Ogg - Helena Braithwaite
Sgt Kraput/Hans - Steve Wright
Verence II, King of Lancre - Chris Jeffreys
Magrat Garlick, Queen of Lancre - Helen Thomas
Millie Chillum/Beryl Ogg - Jessie Greer
The Quite Revd Mightily Oats - Vaughan Thomas
Mrs Scorbic/Gertrude - Faye Baker
Bestiality Carter/The Old Count - Mike Withnall
Big Jim Beef/Cpl Svitz / Piotr - Andrew Harker
Elizabeth Braithwaite, Jeannette Tucker,
Jackie Withnall, Moses Wootten

Production Team

Director - Robert Bettelheim
Assistant Director - Colin Heinink
Producers - Jackie Withnall, Salley Rear
Sound Operation - Salley Rear
Sound Preparation - Peter Raggett
Lighting - Declan McGuire
Costumes - Vaughan Prosser, Victoria Bettelheim
Set construction - Stephen Cahill-Hayes
Front of House Managers - Lesley Winterflood, Jenny Moorby

What to do, when old traditions leave you vulnerable, and the youth of today are already so long in the tooth they are bored by both the old and the new? 

Count de Magpyr is redefining himself as a modern vampire, and he's dragging his family of bloodsucking fiends with him.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring kingdom of Lancre, there's a little princess' naming ceremony to conduct and everyone's invited... even the de Magpyrs. So as much as they love having guests for dinner, they enjoy it even more when there are new people dying to meet them. The vampires are, after all, such neo-Gothic trendsetters.

Fortunately, the Witches of Lancre have also been invited to the feast (mostly) and they are solely interested in ale, handsome young men, and preserving the traditions where vampires are repelled through the light of religious faith, scalded by holy water, staked through the heart, decapitated, stuffed with garlic and roasted over a fresh pyre - until turned to ash.

Sir Terry Prachett's Discworld books have delighted and (in a subtle way) educated readers of all ages since 1983. If you saw our 2004 production of Wyrd Sisters, you can now catch up with the continuing adventures of Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Queen Magrat of Lancre. But even if you didn't see the earlier show, don't miss this Witches vs. Vampires Halloween showdown of epic proportions!