Design by Nicola Holland


Monk, Citizen of Tyre, Knight, Medical Orderly, Chorus, Pirate, Lysimachus

Monk, Attendant, Page, Citizen of Tyre, Patient, Philoten, Pirate, Sad Whore, Nun

Councillor of Tyre, Simonides, Chorus, Gentleman of Mytilene, Nun


Antiochus, Chorus,
Pandar, Nun

Daughter of Antiochus, Hungry Tarsan, Page, Marina

Monk, Citizen of Tyre, Chorus, Dolly Bird, Lady Cerimon, Pirate

Prince, Doorman, Pilch, Patient, Boult, Nun

Servant, Pirate, Medical Orderly, Sad Whore, Nun

Chorus, Attendant, Dolly Bird, Lychorida, The Goddess Diana

Thaliard, Chorus, Visitor, Bawd, Nun

Helicania, Nurse, Pirate

Prince, Attendant, Patch, Leonine, Helmsman, Chorus, Nun

Riddle, Hungry Tarsan, Dolly Bird, Sad Whore, Nun

Cleon, Pirate, Chorus, Mytilene Gent, Nun

Wife of Antiochus, Dionyza, Chorus, Nun

Citizen of Tyre, Thaisa, Chorus

Monk, Citizen of Tyre, Page, Messenger, Pirate, Nun

Monk, Citizen of Tyre, Messenger, Antiochan, Sailor, Knight, Chorus, Nun

Alastair Anderson

Susanne Bell


Phil Braithwaite

Stuart Clark

Basil Clarke


Karla Duffy


Jessie Greer


Andy Harker

Kimber Heath-Renn

L.J. Hickerton

Nicola Holland

Beth Mahon

Danny Mullings


Monika Sknadaj


Vaughan Thomas

Sharon Trotter

Rebecca Tyler

Ceri Wilkinson

Simon Wilson

Production Team

Director - Gary Adams
Assistant Director - Kimber Heath-Renn
Choreographer - Jessie Greer
Lighting - Robert Bettelheim
Sound - Peter Raggett
Set Construction - Steve Cahill-Hayes
Box Construction - Richard Rudniki
Costume Supervisors - Debra Wallace, Susanne Bell
Front of House Manager - Natalie Horvath
Poster Design/Graphics/ Signage - Nicola Holland

A new and irreverent take on this rarely performed Romance. A ripping yarn involving incest, storms, shipwrecks, sex, jousting, kings, knights, pirates, nuns, (more pirates) a pregnancy, a kidnapping, a magic potion, attempted murder, a drowning, two resuscitations and some remarkable coincidences.

This production forms part of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Open Stages 2011-2012 project.