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based on an original idea by Colin Heinink


Mother Goose - Phil Braithwaite
Lord Mouldywart - Vaughan Prosser
Gore the Gargoyle - Kiel Richardson
Emylin the Gremlin - Kimber Heath Renn
Fairy Cake - Celeste Aucamp
Landlady Snatch -  Gill Taylor
Bumble - Natalie Horvath
Susan Snatch - Emily Stephens
Silly Billy Goose - Danny Mullings
Colin Goose - Anna Heinink
Jingles the Jester/Harry Potter - Helena Braithwaite
Tereza - Natalie Horvath
Ethel - Jackie Withnall
The Gatekeeper - Elizbeth Braithwaite
Gertie Goose - Colin Heinink
Neddy - Kimber Heath-Renn, Tafara Takavarasha
Villagers/Aliens/Chorus singers/ghosts
Helena Braithwaite,
Elizabeth Braithwaite,Jackie Withnall

Production Team

Director - Kiel Richardson
Assistant Director - Elizabeth Braithwaite
Producer - Colin Heinink
Technical Director/Lighting - Peter Raggett
Sound Operation - Rachel Allen
Follow Spot - Vaughan Thomas
Set Construction - Stephen Cahill-Hayes
Costumes - Vaughan Prosser
Stage Manager - Tafara Takavarasha
Assistant Stage Manager - Gerald Fitzpatrick
Choreographer - Kate Pryke
Technical Assistance - Robert Bettelheim
Additional set and props - Ruth Rouse, Skippy,
                                                  Connor Cahill-Hayes,
                                                     John Saunders, Sharon Trotter
Front of House Managers - Cathy Love, Louise Croker

It's panto time!!! Oh yes it is!!

The Village of Goosebury is governed by the evil Landlady Snatch, a ferociously greedy individual with a thirst for making rents high and un-payable. The only light at the end of the tunnel is Snatch's daughter Susan, an employee of the local pound shop. She is head over heels in love with Colin Goose, the son of Mother Goose who has fallen on hard times. Mother Goose lives with her son Billy who is useless.

Sympathising with the Goose family, the glamorous Fairy Cake magically creates a huge Goose, capable of laying golden eggs; instantly resolving the family's financial predicament.This does not bode well with Lord Mouldywart who will stop at nothing to steal the Goose and the happiness of Mother Goose's family. With oodles of audience participation, jokes, silliness, song and dance Mother goose has all the basic ingredients of an Egg-cellent pantomime!

Join Mother Goose, Colin, Susan and Billy on their journey to face evil which takes them from local sights all the way to the far end of the galaxy. Will they succeed? Or will their goose be cooked!!! Oh yes they will!!