John - Vaughan Thomas
Richard - Chris Jefferies
Steve - Colin Heinink
James - Daniel Gortat
Tim - Chris Pethers
Heidi - Vaijayanthy Venugopalan

Production Team

Director - Robert Bettelheim
Sound - Peter Raggett
Front of House Manager - Victoria Bettelheim

Inter-railing. A chance to discover Europe, see new sights and experience new cultures, a chance to cut loose and explore new horizons… or not.

Four boys in their late-teens take the trains round Europe - because it's there - but they spend most of the time on trains playing role-playing games as all the different parts of Europe just roll past them. Are the games and the fantasies and the frictions between them more absorbing because with the outside so uncomfortably different, the familiarity of the games seems safer? And what is the significance of a wet flannel? There are fears to be faced, and they are chasing them round Europe just as their imaginary opponents chase them round games!

It's a comedy with a serious edge and asks questions about how people use fantasy in different ways to achieve personal goals, or to hide away from responsibility.

This is a play designed for radio and will be performed as a rehearsed reading in support of the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth - because sometimes problems cannot be imagined away.

To begin the evening, award winning poet David Van-Cauter will perform readings from his recent book 'Reading Light' and other works.