Design by Nicola Holland


Ratcatcher - Anthony Hull
Eva - Stephanie Gaynor
Helga - Cathy Love
Evelyn - Nicola Holland
Faith - Sarah Fox
Lil - Elizabeth Braithwaite

Production Team

Director - Louise Croker
Production Assistant - Anna Heinink
Lighting Operation - Colin Heinink
Sound - Johnny Jay
Lighting Design - Robert Bettelheim
Technical Assistant - Rachel Allen
Musical Director - Peter Sellars
Musicians - Peter Sellars - violin; Roswitha Lamb - accordion
Stage Manager - Emily Stephens
Assistant Stage Manager - Natalie Horvath
Costumes - Victoria Bettelheim
Technical Provision - Peter Raggett
Front of House Managers - Jackie Withnall, Jenny Moorby

"At its heart, the play is about that universal and timeless aspect of human experience: the separation of a child from its parent. Every person on earth, whatever their age, can relate to that" Diane Samuels

The German word 'Kindertransport' translated literally into English means 'the transport of children' it was how Jewish parents, in desperation, tried to get their children out of the growing Nazi territory. In Britain a coalition of Jewish, Quaker and other groups appealed to Parliament, which agreed to admit a limited number of refugee children provided each posted a £50 bond 'to assure their ultimate resettlement'. Between December 1938 and September 1939 the Refugee Children's Movement brought over 10,000 refugee children, of these 7,482 were Jewish. 

The play Kindertransport reveals the story of Evelyn/Eva who was seperated from her parents and sent on the train to England. It exposes the secrets of her past and her heritage to a Daughter who had no idea her mother had a past. It also deals with loss. The loss of Eva's childhood and the letting go of her own daughter 40 years on.

First performed by the Soho Theatre Company in 1993 the production was last revived in 2007 by the Shared Experience Theatre Company.