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"Where's the romance? Forget the flowers, the chocolates, the soft word - rather woo her with a self defence manual in one hand and a family planning leaflet in the other." 

Norman's in love with Annie. Annie's in love with Norman. Only problem is, Norman is married to Annie's sister, Ruth, and Tom the village vet is plucking up the courage to ask Annie to marry him. Then there's Annie and Ruth's brother Reg and his wife Sarah, who Norman has also taken a shine to... Add in some parsnip wine, an aborted mini break to East Grinstead and some missing fuse wire and you've got the recipe for disaster!

With his inimitable wit and compassion, Ayckbourn reveals the frustration and disappointment which bubble beneath the surface of a family's relationships and brings to light their thoughts on sex, marriage, love and loneliness.

Join the Woodhouse Players for a weekend in the country and a fresh new take on this classic comedy performed in the round.