5. Merry Wives.png

Ladies! There's a new man in town! 

Sadly, he's overweight, arrogant, and thinks he's God's gift to women. He's Sir John Falstaff, and he's just arrived in Windsor.

From the moment he arrives, Sir John tips his cap at two local beauties, Alice and Meg. The fact they have husbands won't stop Sir John. Then again, nor will the fact they couldn't fancy him less. But when Alice's husband catches wind of it, he hatches a plan to take his revenge. 

Shakespeare's popular comedy has been been made into a musical, a tv play and an opera, but now the Woodhouse Players put their own spin on it. Set firmly in the modern day world of next-door-neighbours, gossip and infidelity, Woodhouse invite you to spend a Summer night with those merry wives of Windsor!