One For The Road

Pinter’s award-winning study of political torture was premiered at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith in 1984. It’s a frightening look into an unnamed police state where freedom of speech, and of thought, is forbidden. 

“It is a disturbing and brilliantly controlled little masterpiece of a play,”
“… dialogue that rings like a hammer blow.” 
The Guardian
“… you would be hard put to encounter a more potent indictment of human corruption through total power.”
Daily Mail

The Bear

In The Bear, Chekhov satirises the Russian tendency to be over emotional.

A merchant calls to collect a debt from a widow and her aged servant. In the tempests of emotion that follow, the original dispute between them is dwarfed. 

Basil Clarke has been translating between Russian and English for many years. 

Between Mouthfuls

What could be nicer than a meal out at a nice restaurant? 

Well this is Ayckbourn comedy, so that chances are that at least one couple won't have a smooth evening; at least one person won't have been entirely faithful; and the waiter will have to attempt to be polite in the face of some poor behaviour.

A one act play with a starter, a main course, and the tempting possibility of dessert.