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Denise Deegan's affectionate look at the 'gels' boarding school - a world of midnight feasts, beastly English teachers, a missing family treasure, priggish snobs, Matron, and some very jolly hockey sticks ... 

Daisy Meredith is the first elementary school girl to win a scholarship to the prestigious Grangewood School for Girls. Watch as our plucky heroine undergoes a number of tribulations (including the threat of expulsion) at the hands of her arch-enemies, the beautiful but snobbish Sybil Burlington, and her chief toady, Monica Smithers. But can Daisy overcome this horrid adversity? Assisted by the madcap Trixie Martin, watch as Daisy fights to gain acceptance in the snobby confines of Grangewood. But will she succeed? Will Grangewood finally defeat Vearncombe at all-girls hockey? And will there be jam for tea? 

Scoot along to the Welsh Church Hall, chums, and enjoy this jolly old romp through the trials and tribulations of school days gone by!

Part of the Leytonstone Festival