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The timeless story of a passionate and destructive romance

Emily Brontë's only novel tells the tale of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling child rescued from the streets of Liverpool by Catherine's father. Growing up together, Catherine and Heathcliff develop an inseparable bond, spending their days roaming the barren moors that surround Wuthering Heights, careless of the wrath of Catherine's older brother, Hindley, who had always been jealous of his father's affection for Heathcliff. 

But when Catherine and Heathcliff's increasingly reckless wanderings take them to neighbouring Thrushcross Grange, home of the Lintons, events are set in motion that will bring tragedy to two families and two generations. 

The Woodhouse Players proudly present this powerful drama that brings a dark, gothic feel to this pared-down adaptation of the classic C19th novel.


Woodhouse Players are delighted to announce that Justin Sullivan, lead singer and guitarist from rock group New Model Army, has provided them with incidental music specially composed for Wuthering Heights. 

The singer is involved in The Radical Brontes Festival this month in Yorkshire, with writer and artist Joolz Denby. The results of their work premiered in Bradford on September 22nd and Sullivan has granted permission for Woodhouse to use the music from the collaboration in their upcoming production. The acquisition of this piece represents a major coup for the Leytonstone based theatre group. 

New Model Army formed in the early 1980's, and continue to be quoted as inspiration by many of today's emerging rock bands whilst still selling out tours around the world.

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