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Chaos breaks loose in this madcap pantomime, where the set doesn't work, the actors won't co-operate, and the giant just doesn't measure up.

Help (or hinder) the Narrator as she tries to keep order, meet Sore the pantomime horse who should have been a cow, and travel with Jack up the beanstalk to face danger, excitement and, er, Groucho Marx. A fast intelligent script from Nick Pickles combines with songs, dances and all the traditional panto ingredients to make a great show for all the family. 

A review by Phyl Romeril in the Leytonstone Guardian

WOODHOUSE Players annual pantomime is always a fun event with Christmas cracker and inhouse jokes, lots of topical asides and audience participation. Nick Pickles, a member of the group since 2001, devised the script which had a fresh aspect of Jack and the Beanstalk, one which capacity audiences at the Welsh Church Hall in Leytonstone viewed with audible appreciation.

This pantomime was free-for-all from start to finish and storyteller Carrolle Jamieson fought through thick and thin, even head wounds, crutches and finally a wheelchair, undeterred in her efforts to keep the wayward ones in line. This was a narrative role, which she cleverly manipulated. Obi Ukaegbu, our hero Jack, was remarkable, his first appearance before an audience since he was 14 obviously presented no problems. As always the Dame if a good one is top of the bill and Andy Grant lived up to expectations. Very animated and funny, he wore some fantastic gowns.

Collectively once again this was a happy team who handled the script which contained additional material from Thomas Ribbits with tongue in cheek aplomb. From the great Ogre's wife (Carla Maclean), Elizabeth Braithwaite's clown, a horse who should have been a cow and a maniacal doctor and not forgetting young Sam Kenny, it was fun and laughter, dance and song.

Singing is not a strong point but the Rosina Pulley Dancers from her School of Stage Dance were. A selection of dance numbers by young pupils were most impressive and entertaining. What with visits from Aladdin, a slice of Mother Goose, a hint of OZ and several other popular pantomime characters, this was a pantomime of pantomimes.

The concoction was directed with a flourish by Steve Balchin with co-director Thomas Ribbits, Musical arrangement by Tim Saward who was Musical Director and Jonathan Pease kept the music and song well in control.