Top Girls (Act 1)

Caryl Churchill's landmark play brings some of the most notable women in history, art and literature together at the same table.

It's the eighties and women are beginning to break through the glass ceiling. It's Saturday night and Marlene is celebrating her promotion to Managing Director. Having little time for friends and family, she invites a cross-section of famous women to her party.

The result is a tapestry of female lives, the stories of a Victorian explorer crossing with the history of the only female Pope, a concubine from Japan, as well as the fictional Dull Gret and Patient Grisilde. They have suffered, they have loved and lost. But above all they have survived and can be proud of their achievements. 

 A W A R D S

Second Place Overall, Waltham Forest Drama Festival

Best Stage Presentation, Waltham Forest Drama Festival

All Made Up With Falsies

This crazy mixed up city was becoming a drag

All around them there were lies and deceit, puerile fantasy, wolves in sheep's clothing, fools and false prophets. Nothing a nice party can't fix...

Transvestites of the obvious and not-so-obvious kind are the dressing of Matt Mitchell's theme of fetish and falsity, in marriage, in love and in life. 

 A W A R D S

Paul Robinson, Best Actor, Waltham Forest Drama Festival

Willy Williams, Dick Williams Award for Comedy, Waltham Forest Drama Festival

Ark Life

Ark Life lets the audience into a day in the life of the crew of the Ark.

Noah’s family jokes, argues and finds out whether they really want to spend time together when they’re stuck on the deck of a particularly big boat. Find out what life was really like after the flood, with a tale of seasickness and religious arguments. And where exactly did the ants go?

 A W A R D S

Best Original Play, Havering Drama Festival