Woodhouse Committee 2018/19


Anna Treadway

Anna has been in the group since 2005 and has been involved in many productions over the years with roles including acting, directing and stage management. This year she has taken over as Chair for the first time.


Steve Cahill-Hayes
Deputy Chair

After two years as Chair, Steve has now handed over the reins of power to Anna and returned to being an Ordinary Member. He continues to be involved with set building as well as taking photos for the website.


Julie Rickwood

Julie joined the group in 2015 and is regularly involved with productions both on and off stage. This is her first year as the group's Secretary


Gill Taylor
Membership Secretary

Gill is no stranger to the committee and has been involved with just about every aspect of productions since joining the group in 2008. She remains on the committee this year as an Ordinary Member.

Cathy Love

Since joining the group in 2007 Cathy has taken on many roles including acting, directing, technical operation and, perhaps most importantly, cake baking for the audiences when productions are on!


Jackie Withnall
Community Liasion

Woodhouse regular Jackie quickly made a name for herself in the group both on stage and as front of house supremo and now rejoins the committee.


Stephen Wess
Infratructure & Technical

A regular on the technical desk since 2015, Stephen has been involved both on and off stage for every production since that time and joins the committee as a full member for the second year


Ian Powell

A member of the group since 2013, Ian has appeared on stage in many productions and now joins the commitee as an Ordinary Member for the first time.


Lucy Moss

Since joining the group in 2015, Lucy has appeared on stage, worked on costumes and make-up and most recently written and directed one of the plays forming the 2018 Triple Bill. She now joins the group as an Ordinary Member.


Non-Committee Roles


Phil & Liz Braithwaite
Box Office

Phil and Liz look after the Woodhouse box office and programme production


Peter Raggett

Pete maintains this very website you are looking at now - his biggest Woodhouse moment was when the Rocky Roadie cake was named after his character in Stags and Hens.