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 R S S   F E E D  I N F O R M A T I O N

Woodhouse Players RSS feed

This page provides information on the new Woodhouse Players RSS feed. What a RSS feed means as far as we are concerned is that it provides a facility to see what updates have happened recently on the site. For example, new audition dates added to the diary.

For more technical details on RSS feeds check out Wikipedia or the BBC - however you don't need to read this in order to make use of the RSS feed on our site.

If you have a RSS feed reader program, or are running Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 2.0 then you can access the advanced features of the RSS feed - such as automatically being informed of updates, or integrating the feed into your Google homepage. If you don't have any of these programs (to find out which version of a program you are using click on "Help->About" in the menu) then you are limited to the plain text version of the feed. This provides the same information, only in plain text form without any features such as telling you which items you haven't already seen.

To go to the plain text version of the RSS feed click here.

If you have Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above or have access to an RSS feed reader either online or on your computer, then you can read on for the advanced features...

Firstly (the easy option) is to go to our RSS feed site. Add it to your favourites in your browser and you can view it easily any time you wish.
Something to note on this site is the options box on the right which shows the number of messages in total (marked 'all') and any new messages that have arrived since you last viewed the 'all' messages (marked 'new' when new updates arrive). The option to sort ascending or descending by date or title is also given. The 'View feed properties...' feature can be set for personal preferences.

Secondly (the advanced option) is to add the RSS feed to your Google homepage. To do this you need a Google email account (e.g. name@gmail.com, name@googlemail.com or similar). If you don't have one of these accounts then you can get an invite from someone who does in order to set one up. If you don't know someone with one of these email addresses then you can't use this option.
The end result of setting this option up looks like this - use the cursor (as a magnifying glass) to zoom in on this picture for better detail by clicking on the picture.

To set this up go to www.google.co.uk, click on 'sign in' in the top-right of the screen entering your Google mail account details, then click on 'personalised home' in the top-right of the screen.
Click on 'Add Stuff' on the right of the screen, then 'add by URL' next to the button at the top of the screen. Add the following address to 'http://'


and click 'Add'.
Click on 'Back to homepage' in the top-left of the screen to return to Google.

Use the 'edit' link on the RSS feed display to display how many messages appear at once (don't forget to press 'save' if you change the number).

If you then always visit Google using http://www.google.co.uk/ig?hl=en then your Google homepage will display the latest Woodhouse updates.

Other methods of reading RSS feeds can be found in the latest browsers to come out, or specialist feed readers.

Please email the Webmaster with any comments or queries (or even if you just got the above to work).

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