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Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves

Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves
by Thos Ribbits and Nicola Holland

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 A B O U T

The evil Sultan wants to kill all the pure-hearted boys and girls in his Sultanate! Can Ali Baba stop him?

The annual Woodhouse pantomine takes you to the East (of London), with its palatial splendour, its passionate culture and its excellent drainage system. Join Ali Baba and the beautiful Princess Macademia as they battle to protect themselves and all the boys and girls from the evil Sultan. Along the way they meet a magical genie and four rather suspicious types who may be a bit light-fingered.

 W H E R E   &   W H E N   &   H O W   M U C H

at the Welsh Church Hall

6 adults
3 concessions

advance booking only
Online booking subject to a transaction fee

Thu 28 December 2006, 7.30pm
Fri 29 December 2006, 7.30pm
Sat 30 December 2006, 3* and 7.30pm
Fri 5 January 2007, 7.30pm
Sat 6 January 2007, 3* and 7.30pm*
(*these performances now sold out)


Sultan Pepper

Vaughan Prosser

Ali Baba

Stuart Browne


Phil Braithwaite


Vaughan Thomas


Ken Buddell


Jo Watson


Hilary Benson

Neville, the Chamberlain

Jackie Withnall

Princess Macademia

Anna Treadway

Dame Barbara Baba

Andy Grant

Queenie the Genie

Natasha Agnew

Sylvester the Jester

Brian Miller


Matthew House


Shauntelle Benjamin


Jackie Braithwaite


Colin Heinink


Alastair Agnew, Ita Hill, Salley Rear, Sam Kenny, Sarah Fox, Naomi Rouse, Eva Cordery-Smith



 P R O D U C T I O N   T E A M


Stephen Balchin


Thos Ribbits

Assistant Director

Nicola Holland

Technical Director / Sound Operation

Peter Raggett

Lighting Operation

Sarah McLeod

Set Construction

Stephen Cahill-Hayes


Xander Hough

Stage Management

Susan Smith, Emerson Povey

Assistant Stage Manager

Ruth Rouse

Follow Spot operator

Mel Gault

Technical assistance

Robert Bettelheim

Make-up consultant

Vaughan Prosser

Singing Coach

Chris Pethers

Set assistance

Liz Cullen

 I M A G E S  











Images by Robert Bettelheim
Images by Kate Harper
Images by and Skippy
Images by and Skippy
Images by and Stephen Cahill-Hayes

 P O S T E R

Poster. Click for larger version
design: Nicola Holland

 R E V I E W

Karen Hart: If you were looking for a real old-fashioned pantomime over the Christmas period, The Woodhouse Player's 'Ali Baba and The Four Tea Leaves' would have been the one to see.

Ali Baba, the poor housekeeper's son and Princess Macademia, the Sultan's daughter, were given a bright, modern twist by Stuart Browne and Anna Treadway in lively performances that befitted their characters well. While his mother, Dame Barbara Baba, played by Andy Grant, was the quintessential pantomime Dame, complete with over the top costumes, garish make-up and ghastly hair styles, he had the lot, and had the audience shouting and calling out in true pantomime style right from the start, in what was a truly funny performance.

The wicked, money grabbing ruler, Sultan Pepper, was performed with real nastiness by Vaughan Prosser - all lines delivered with an evil sneer that had the audience hissing and booing throughout - an excellent performance here. I loved the character of Berkules, the Sultan's bodyguard, played by Phil Braithwaite complete with padded muscley torso, he strutted about the stage in a believably arrogant performance, even on occasion, allowing the audience a squeeze of his biceps.

The character, Isaiah, the male gorilla with a feminine side, was a great addition. Matthew House was perfectly cast here, making the most of his obvious comic talent in a character that the audience, both children and adults loved. Of course there was a Genie, and the role of Queenie the Genie was filled here with a flash and a bang by Natasha Agnew, who made the part of the larger than life glamour puss, looking for love through the lonely hearts columns, a gem. In fact, there were faultless performances all round, with the four thieves, Neville the Chamberlain and Sylvester the Jester among others, all first class. And, the mis-fit dance troupe was just brilliant.

Altogether, this was a good example of how to produce and perform the perfect pantomime - great characters, songs, loads of audience interaction and rotten jokes by the bucket load. Once again the Woodhouse Players provided an excellent evenings entertainment.

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