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Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood
by Dylan Thomas

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 A B O U T

A 'radio studio' rehearsed reading of Dylan Thomas' "Welsh Ulysses", without set or costume, of the classic Welsh play for voices.

The Woodhouse Players present this play as originally intended, with ten voices taking the roles of the entire townsfolk of the small Welsh town of Llareggub, based on Laugharne, where Dylan Thomas wrote for many years and is now buried.

Blind Captain Cat, sweet Polly Garter, feckless Mr Waldo, strict Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and other classic characters mingle their dreams, inner thoughts and daily activities in a rich blend of poetry, prose and song that is archetypally Welsh.

Close your eyes and listen carefully as an ordinary spring day unfolds through words alone...

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 W H E R E   &   W H E N   &   H O W   M U C H

at the Welsh Church Hall

All tickets 2.50
advance booking only

Sat 15 July 2006, 7.30pm


First Voice

The cast

Second Drowned / Third Neighbour / Little Girl / Fourth Woman / Polly Garter / Girl

Shauntelle Benjamin

Third Drowned / Miss Price / First Neighbour / Another Mother / Fifth Woman / Mrs Organ Morgan / Mrs Dai Bread Two / Girl's Voice

Victoria Bettelheim

First Drowned / Second Neighbour / Second Woman / Lily Smalls / Mae Rose Cottage / Girl's Voice / Child

Jackie Braithwaite

Captain Cat / Mr Waldo / Mr Pritchard / Utah Watkins / Mr Pugh / Old Man / Ocky Milkman / First Boy

Phil Braithwaite

Rosie Probert / Third Woman / Gossamer Beynon / Mrs Utah Watkins / Mary Ann the Sailors / Mrs Cherry Owen / Bessie Bighead / Girl's Voice

Carla MacLean

Fifth Drowned / Waldo's Mother / First Woman / Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard / Mrs Beynon / Mrs Dai Bread One / Girl's Voice

Jenny Moorby

Mr Edwards / Preacher / Attila Rees / Lord Cut-Glass / Cherry Owen / Fisherman / Third Boy / First Drunk

Vaughan Prosser

Evans the Death / Organ Morgan / Mr Ogmore / Butcher Beynon / Dai Bread / Willy Nilly / Second Boy / Second Drunk

Paul Robinson

Second Voice / Rev Eli Jenkins / Nogood Boyo / Sinbad Sailors

Tim Saward

Fourth Drowned / Mrs Waldo / Fourth Neighbour / Mrs Willy Nilly / Mrs Pugh / Girl's Voice

Jackie Withnall

 P R O D U C T I O N   T E A M


Elizabeth Braithwaite

Sound Operation

Ita Hill

Lighting and Sound procurement

Peter Raggett

 P O S T E R

Poster. Click for larger version
design: Tim Saward | download flier (.doc)

 R E V I E W

Karen Hart: The Woodhouse Players recent performance of Dylan Thomas' most famous play, Under Milk Wood was an atmospheric and poetic triumph.

This one-off performance, part of their contribution to the Leytonstone Festival, was performed as Thomas originally indended, as a 'play for voices' and was simply recited to the audience. This worked beautifully, each performer managing to bring to life the colourful personalities of the characters living in the small Welsh town of Llareggub and enabled the audience to envisage their hopes, dreams, fears and desires, as we follow them through a typical day with all their earth bawdiness intact.

There are simply too many wonderfully rich characters to choose from here even to begin to pick out for special mention, but Willy Nilly, the postman - recited by Paul Robinson who knows everyone's business and what's inside their mail before they do - raised many laughs, as did the vitriolic diatribes between Mr and Mrs Pugh, the perpetually nagging wife and her long suffering husband secretly harbouring thoughts of murderous intent, recited by Jackie Withnall and Phil Braithwaite.

There were many tender moments here also, with the character Polly Garter soulfully lamenting her one true love 'Willy,' now sadly departed - a lovely recital from Shauntelle Benjamin.

In conclusion, this well established group skilfully captured all the sparkling originality of Thomas' play, each player reciting their parts with relish and enthusiasm, and this is the very thing that helped make the evening such a success.

My only misgiving is that Under Milk Wood was performed just the once and too many people were denied the opportunity of visiting this most enchanting of Welsh villages and celebrating the very ordinariness of every day life in all its eccentric splendour in the very manner that Dylan Thomas himself envisaged.

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