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Leytonstone Community Day

Leytonstone Community Day
sketches and songs from the shows
part of the Leytonstone Festival

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 A B O U T

As part of the Leytonstone Festival, we took along some songs and sketches to publicise Woodhouse

Hosted as part of the local community celebrations around the festival, this was a chance to perform in another venue and to showcase some material from previous and forthcoming shows.

 W H E R E   &   W H E N   &   H O W   M U C H

at the Epicentre, Leytonstone

FREE admission

Sat 9 July 2005, 3.45pm

T H E   A C T S

"Crazy for You"

Jackie Braithwaite

"The Macbeth Murder Mystery"
from Great Happiness!

Oliver Clement

"Essence Distillation Engine"
from Jekyll and Hyde - Make Mine a Double!

Thos Ribbits and Tim Saward

"The Nightmare Song"
from Great Happiness!

Paul Robinson

"I Never Get It Wrong"
from Dracula - The vampire Strikes Back

Carla MacLean

"The Adjudication"
from Great Happiness!

Steve Balchin

"Turn My Plan Around"
from Dracula - The Vampire Strikes Back

Paul Robinson and Tim Saward

 I M A G E S










Images by and © Phil Braithwaite

 T H E   F E S T I V A L

In its 12th year and still growing, The Leytonstone Festival provides a showcase for local artists. The Festival takes place in venues throughout Leytonstone. It evolved out of a vast range of arts initiatives that have flourished in Leytonstone for decades. The London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) and Waltham Forest Arts Council (WFAC) funded the 'Forest Festival' until the early 1990s. Other arts initiatives nurtured in local libraries, pubs, community halls, religious venues, and outdoors - during the annual Cathall Festival, also paved the way for a community Festival throughout Leytonstone.

Anyone can now join the Festival Association - over 45 community groups, not for profit organisations, local businesses, and individuals have contributed to the development of the 2005 Festival programme. The Festival Association meets regularly at the Epicentre, 41 West St., Leytonstone.

For more about the festival see the website at leytonstonefestival.org.uk.

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